Jan 6, 2010

Challenge Beatriz Gonzalez vs. Silvia Patiño: The Apterix owenii

Beatriz González has already design her Kiwi and still waiting for Silvia Patiño design.

Beatriz indicate the following aspects:

The model is folded in a 30cm x 30cm paper; with a final high of 20 cms.
This time the model obtained is very simple but expressive. It has just a few folds specialy in order to get the beak, the body and the general volume. It was wet folding with a korean paper.

November 14, 2009

Beatriz Gonzalez from Chile has challenged Silvia Patiño from México to design an Apterix owenii. As a condition they have to design with the right proportions of the bird. They have time till January 14, 2010.

Eric Madrigal

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