Nov 12, 2009

DONE Personal challenge Beatriz Gonzalez 1-2009: The Chilean tinamou


It is a personal challenge to Beatriz González from Chile for the design of a chilean tinamou (Nothoprocta perdicaria)

12 de Noviembre 2009

Beatriz González Muzzio, 27, Origami Chile. Modular origami is my passion, but in recent time I have been trying other origami models like knotology and representational origami. Some of my work could be seen at:

This model was design for this challenge. I didn't know anything about birds in origami, so I have to investigate from the very beginning. To get the base was not as difficult as I thought, however the design of feet got all the difficult I had with the design. After studing the process from Roman Díaz and Daniel Naranjo I found out that this bird has 3 long fingers in front and a small one at the back, so my search go to a next level and an article by Román gave me the solution.

The chilean Tinamou is a small bird app. 29 cm. Strong brown/gray body, short wings an almost without a tail; it is a very noissy bird. This bird prefers walking and spent most of the time among grassland and scrub. If threated, could fly short distances with noissy voice. It feeds with seed, dry fruits and small insects. Breeding in spring, laying 8 or 10 eggs. Aves de Chile by Alicia Hoffman e Ivan Lazo.

Eric Madrigal
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